Monday, May 11, 2009

Thursday, March 19, 2009

sketch series four.

Incandescent .
used for food preparation
ambient and task lighting
the luminares are round and set into the ceiling
the lighting is even but also there is directed lighting on to the surfaces.
the overall lighting is sufficient and effective. High Pressure Sodium .
the space is used for parking and them entering the interior space
the lighting is used to direct cars in the space with ambient lighting but to also be well lit at night for safety reasons.
the lamps give off a very yellow light that make the surfaces look yellow also
the luminares are square and hang down
the lighting level could be brought up more with maybe a high intensity discharge light that brought the whole light level up.
High Intensity Discharge .
the space is used for ball games.
the purpose of the lighting is to provide ample ambient lighting to the field in the dark.
there are many lumiares that are brought together to make on large luminare.
each light source lights up the space a little but with them all combined together there is ample light.
where the light strikes the materials, like the grass, the material looks washed out
the lighting is very appropriate and the space is well illuminated.
Fluorescent .
this space is used for sleeping
the lighting provides some light for the space but is mostly sparkle.
the luminare is a polyurethane sheet with the lamp placed behind
the effect is lighting that is very subtle and relaxing which is very appropriate for a bedroom
Electrodeless .
the purpose of this space is for driving
the lighting is ambient and the effect is an overall bright space where the luminares illuminate a large area for safety.
the materials around have have glare from the brightness
the illumination is appropriate for the task.
cold cathode .
the space is used for large meeting or living space
the lighting is used to accent the architectural features.
the light source is very bright and does a good job brining attention the features that are highlighted.
the effect on the materials is not seen since it is so dark.
the illumination level is very high and could be improved by not being as bright.

Friday, March 6, 2009

daylight model.

inspired by Tadao Ando . Church of Light

we used characteristics typical of Ando
-reveals and slits to let a controlled amount of light into the space
-intersecting planes to create shadows
-simple lines and shapes to allow the user to focus on the light rather than the space

Saturday, February 28, 2009

sketch series three.

fabrics used :
polyester upholstery
orange ripstop nylon
white woven cotton
light purple cotton terry cloth

retail . Barnes and Noble
fluorescent downlighting . this lighting brings out the red tones that are in each swatch.

residence .
60-watt incandescent over head light. this also brings out the red tones of the fabrics and is a very warm lighting.

library . Greensboro Public Library
indirect flourescent lighting . this lighting makes the fabric swatches appear the truest

grocery . Harris Teeter
unfiltered fluorescent . This lighting brings out the blue tones of the fabric and is very cold.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

sketch series two.

Gatewood Studio Arts Building Gallery .

The space in the Gtewood Building that is used for a gallery space has ample natural light that comes from the large wall of windows and doors that are directly across from the gallery. Even though the gallery is mostly lit during the day by the natural light there is also accent track lighting that focuses the attention more on the specific art pieces. There are also fluorescent overhead lights that provide ambient lighting to supplement the daylight on days that are not as bright as the day i took photos in the space and also at night. The lighting although soft also creates glare on the polished concrete floor. The lighting is very effective in creating a well lit space that does not create any shadows but provides ample light to the art pieces.

restaurant . Qudoba

The lighting in Qudoba includes hanging fluorescent lamps that are in a grid pattern to provide all over ambient lighting. Over each table there are incandescent task lighting for eating, that also bring attention to each eating area. There are sconces that follow the curved wall at the front of the restaurant, that add interest and accent this architectural feature. The hanging pendants over the stainless steel table tops were the only instance of glare that i cam across. Over the line are and food preparation area there were various fluorescent lamps and luminares. The hanging pendants provide accent lighting to the line area, while the track lighting adds task lighting to the food prep area and the menus boards. There was also accent lighting to highlight the drink machine. Due to the broad and overall ambient lighting the only shadows that were created were under furniture and behind booth walls.

retail. REI

REI is an outdoor equipment retail store. The store, located in Greensboro in the Friendly Shopping Center, is a two-story space that sells many things from canoes to backpacks. On the lower level the large items are located in the center with the smaller items along the walls. The fluorescent accent lighting located five feet from the walls, highlights these smaller items. Throughout the space there are hanging fluorescent lamps on a 12'x12' grid along with large rectangular skylights. This over head lighting provides ample lighting throughout the space. There are incandescent task lighting over the registers to help the customers and employees at checkout. The only instances of glare that i cam across were when an accent light was not turned the right way or at a bad angle and the light would be straight in your eye. The patterns of shade and shadow that i came across were mostly under displays and behind large partitions. This is because the lighting comes mostly from the over head.

Monday, February 9, 2009

lighting evaluation.

The space we chose was the individual desk space and meeting space in the IARC building. This space has a lot of natural light and ambient lighting over head that becomes task lighting at night. This space is large but the space for each student is small and intimate. Also the space is vague as to wayfinding. Our overall impression of the space is that it works for the purpose that it was designed, but could be improved.

individual rating . 3
group rating . 4

Thursday, February 5, 2009